Notify is a powerfull software solution that allows a complete alarm management for your system or industrial facility, data historian, and interaction with queries and actions.


With Notify you will increase productivity and reliability, reduce response times, monitoring your data anywhere.


Try Notify!  -  Fully functional demo available or FREE Licence for 5 variables/alarms


Main features: 

OPC, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Siemens...and more

Notify gets data from OPC (DA or UA), Modbus (TCP or RTU) servers, Ethernet/IP,... All are standard communication protocols commonly used in industrial automation, giving you the ability to communicate with most commercial SCADA software, a wide range of PLCs and other devices, directly (Ethernet/IP, Siemens, Microcom...) or with drivers available from the manufacturer or third parties. It is also possible to monitor operating system data, networks, files, databases, calculated data, etc.


Easy and intuitive interface

Notify has been designed so that any novice user without advanced skills can install and set up the application in a simple and intuitive way.


Own tags, data transformation

As a distinctive concept, Notify allows the definition of own tags, and can apply a transformation or aggregated functions (sum, average, max, min,...) to original values.

Tags can be classified into groups or folders according to the different production processes, technical parameters, etc.

One tag, several alarms

By separating the alarm settings from the variable definition, you can manage multiple alarms over the same tag, which typically will be different setpoints (HiHi, Hi, LoLo, Lo, Out of range...). For each alarm you can set priority, working hours, notification text, recipient contacts, stabilization time..., or just use global settings.


Send and receive email and SMS

Alarms can be notified by SMS or email, allowing you to manage an address book where you can assign alarms to each contact and define flexible schedules, working hours, or permissions.

SMS can be sent using a standard GSM modem, compatible with AT commands, but Notify also supports most online services (aka SMS Gateways) like Twilio, Nexmo, and many others.

Notify has predefined templates for text messages, but you can personalize them either globally or individually for each alarm.

Notify implements reception of SMS and email, allowing queries to request the status, perform writings to writeable tags, execute system actions and many more.


 Historical data logger

Notify performs data logging of tags and alarms in an internal or external database (RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PosgreSQL, Firebird, ODBC...; TSDB: InfluxDB). You can query historical data on charts or tables, and analyze what happened before and after the alarm occurs. You can export data to CSV (compatible with Excel), and graphs directly to image files. Using InfluxDB allows monitoring data with Grafana.

OPC-DA server

The software has an internal OPC-DA server for reading data from external applications, which makes it possible to take advantage of the functionalities or power of complex calculations of Notify, or to act as a gateway between protocols or applications. It is also possible to access configuration parameters through OPC, which facilitates the integration of Notify with almost any SCADA if necessary.

Incoming and outgoing messages log

Also you have a detailed history of incoming and outgoing messages with date, recipient, text and shipping result.

 Support and free updates for 1 year

When purchasing a license, you will have a free period of 1 year of support and updates, obtaining the latest functionalities available.

Available editions and prices

(*) Tax excluded.


Available options

- SMS (with local GSM modem or most SMS gateways)

- 2-way messages: Incoming messages for Queries/ Writings / Actions

 - Data logging in external database (SQL or TSDB)

- GSM modem (Cinterion, Teltonika...)

- Maintenance / Technical support


Order / Purchase

You can try or use Notify for free, just download installer and try the fully functional DEMO for 2 hours. Also you can activate Free licence for 5 variables.

If you want to order a licence for higher editions, with more tags and functions, please contact us for quote. We have special discounts for integrators or resellers.




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