Acquisition and data management in industrial environments


NEXIAdm is a suite of applications for the acquisition, management and analysis of data from different systems. Although its design and features allow use in a wide range of applications, it is especially focused on the acquisition of data from SCADA systems and the registration in Time Series Databases (TSDB) that have proven to provide optimal performance for this type of information, not reachable with other traditional databases (RDBMS)

Composed of several software applications that allow its use independently or interconnected, this is a product in continuous evolution and easily adaptable to the specific needs of each installation, so do not hesitate to consult us your specific needs.

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Alarm notification software


Notify is a reliable software for real time alarm notification with powerfull features: configuration, scheduling, logging, reporting, queries, and alarm notification by email or SMS. With its OPC or Modbus client works fine with most existing SCADA systems.

Let Notify motinor your process, increasing operators productivity and reducing response times to incidents or deviations of process variables.

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Transfer of data between systems


DataGateway is an application that allows the periodic transfer of data between different systems or databases. Its architecture is based on the differentiated implementation of different data sources, destination and information mapping between them.

Currently allows transfer of information from SQL databases or proprietary systems of some SCADA, such as Indusoft or Microcom, to an InfluxDB database (TSDB), for which solution together with tools such as Grafana we bet on Tecmatia.

Do not hesitate to ask us your specific needs.

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Reporting tools


NEXIA Reports is a suite for generating reports in HTML, configurable in a simple way by the user. It generates reports by time intervals, where in addition to the usual data of minimum, maximum or average, you can show more advanced ones such as alarms, times, activations, operations, etc. You can view or print reports from your web browser, automate generation tasks, send by email, etc.

Currently has support for InfluxDB database (TSDB), but it is planned to add other types of databases soon.

Puedre probar la herramienta de forma gratuita, con limitaciones. Consúltenos sus necesidades concretas.

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Integration of other software solutions


We are integrators with experience in software market solutions in all fields related to automation and management of data fields: automation systems (STEP 7 TIA Portal, CxProgrammer, RSLogix, etc.), software SCADA (Indusoft, WinCC, Citect, etc.) , databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.), design of HMI screens ...

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We can advise on the different communication solutions, wired or wireless (GSM / GPRS, radio or Wifi), selecting the product and the most appropriate setting for your needs.

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We have solutions for measurement and control of various process variables: flow, temperature, pressure, level, analytical, etc.

We work with leading manufacturers: Siemens, Krohne, Vega, Danfoss, Hach Lange, etc.

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Control and process


We collaborate with leading automation systems providers to give you the best answer for your needs: Siemens, Omron, Rockwell, Schneider ...

We provide the best price and service for the acquisition of an electrical control cabinet or any of its components.

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